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As a result of continuous research and innovation on its production system over the past 10 years, LOUROPEL has developed a brand new line of buttons (Recycled Paper, Fort Horn / Hew Extra Horn, Ecocorozo, Mosaico, Canapa / Cânhamo, Ecovełvet, Natural and Brusé) made from natural vegetable fibres, biodegradable and recycled materials such as:

– Recycled paper

– Cotton

– Semolina flour

– Wood saw dust

– Natural wood leafs

– Real horn powder

– Corozo powder

– Hemp

– Tissue

LOUROPEL is the only manufacturer who uses this patented and registered environrnentally friendly technology and has now become highly acclaimed worldwide.

It has been conceived to help protect the environment and to minirnize deforestation while creating the first button line in the world made within a full production cycle in the respect of the biological earth balance.

LOUROPEL focuses on the idea of a perfect and dynamic symbiosis between nature and design projects: we firmly believe in the potential responses of the conciliation between economy and ecology.

We are committed to environmental sustainabiIity in our product design by bridging the gap between economy and conscious solutions to protect natural resources.

LOUROPEL is always a step ahead at the forefront of innovation.

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