Way2Tex | Febratex Brazil

Fabrics and Accessories

Stand: 111
  • Avenida Antônio Macedo 156, coworking
  • Porto
  • Portugal

Febratex Group is a 100% Brazilian company, promoter of events that, for 30 years, has had the purpose of developing and promoting the textile industry from Brazil to the world.
Our B2B fairs are held in all textile centers in Brazil, such as Santa Catarina (Febratex), Ceará (Maquintex and Signs Nordeste), Pernambuco (Agreste tex) and Americana (São Paulo), which makes us the most relevant channel when the The objective is to open new business with the Brazilian textile industry and in the Americas.
Since 2019, we have also acted as agents in internationalization projects for our exhibitors and visitors, and we are presently and strategically positioned in Porto, Portugal, one of the main textile clusters in Europe.