Vimaponto, S.A.


  • Rua dos Estoleiros Nº304, Polvoreira
  • 4835-163 Guimarães
  • Portugal

Vimaponto specializes in providing technological solutions for the enterprise market. With over 30 years of experience in the development, installation and implementation of Information Systems, which aim to respond to the needs of the Textile and Clothing Industry
The industry sector is constantly confronted with the need to optimise processes in order to increase competitiveness and profitability. VMP Plan, together with PRIMAVERA ERP, is a complete management solution that spans the entire organization from production to top management.
This solution promotes the entire production cycle management in a fully integrated way, eliminating the most time-consuming tasks with the lowest added value. It covers all production processes from product creation, through the acquisition of raw materials, productive planning, subcontracting, to the final product shipment.
The VMP Plan results from all years of experience in the productive sector where a set of standard processes combined with flexibility that allows implementation in various industries has been incorporated.
“You dream we develop.”


“VIMAPONTO’s Software is prepared for Digital Transformation. With VMP Plan, integrate all the processes of your company and have a 360º view about your business. With this solution, move towards the concept of a paper-free company.” Alberto Batista, CEO