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Fabrics and Accessories

  • Nuno Malheiro
  • Zona Industrial de Campos Polo 1, Apartado 99
  • 4924-909 Campos, V. N. de Cerveira
  • Portugal

Since 1998, TINTEX stands out in the market for its unique approach in the knitwear and finishing segment, different from any conventional products.

TINTEX stands out, in the Textile area, for the innovation and versatility of products and solutions that it presents in the area of ​​knitwear. In the last 5 years, the installed capacity in the area of ​​coating finishing has allowed to increase this diversity, enabling the development of more technical products, combining performance and sustainability, directing them to several market segments. With a growing capacity for innovation, nationally and internationally recognized, in the sector of coating technology textile finishing (knits and fabrics, although the last ones with less focus), using the most sustainable methodologies and materials, it has been possible to follow a path of technical evolution, human and technological validated by the international awards obtained, mentioning, for example, natural dyeing, overcoming the challenge of replacing animal leather with vegetal “skin”, with waste integration, integrated in the TEXBOOST mobilizing project.

Our products
  • Dyeing – Printing – Finishing
  • Knitted Fabrics
    • American Knitted Pile
    • Interlock
    • Italian Knitted Pile
    • Jersey
    • Pique
    • Rib