Socorte – Indústria de Fitas e Viés

Fabrics and Accessories

Stand: 156
  • Pedro de Miranda Leite
  • Rua Delfim Ferreira 629
  • 4100 - 201 Porto
  • Portugal

Socorte provides a wide range of solutions for garment and home textile confections, starting with work-to-suit service, which include operations that can be performed on the customer raw material or Socorte articles. A complete collection of tapes, ribbons and trimmings is also available.

Our products
  • Acessories
    • Stiffened Fabrics
    • Trimmings
    • Velcro
  • Knit Fabrics by Destination
    • Decoration
    • Outwear
    • Sportwear
    • Tecnhical End-Uses
    • Underwear
  • Not Knitted Or Crocheted Fabrics By Fabric Type
    • Cotton
    • Gros Grains
    • Non Wovens
    • Satim
    • Striped Fab.
    • Velet or Corduray
  • Not-Knittesd Fabrics By Destiny
    • Clothing Manufacturers
    • Decoration
    • Home Textiles
    • Linings
    • Outwear
    • Sportwear
    • Tecnhical End-Uses
    • Underwear

“Company identity is the sum of its values plus its performance sustained by human competence of the people that endure it. Paradigm change brings the urgency of a conscient management transference always aware to an excellent contribution to the market. Company success is directly linked to Costumer success.” Manuela Miranda, CEO