Garment Makers and Fashion Accessories - Adult

Stand: 212
  • José Brito
  • Rua Da Escola, Nº266
  • 4755-033 Alvelos
  • Portugal

Founded in 2013, SCUSI is an exclusively Portuguese women’s fashion brand. Its image mixes a functional and comfortable style with a modern and elegant one. Suitable for all situations, at work, leisure or even special occasions. Our mission is to present new fashion trends, with an innovative design and guarantee our customers quality and sophistication, confidence and well-being.

Combining the best materials with the quality of Portuguese manufactures, SCUSI accompanies the growing needs of the market characterized by an aesthetic identity that continues to seek constant innovation through the most varied sources of inspiration from its creator Rosa Martins. Based on the creativity and professional experience in the textile industry of its founder, SCUSI is geared towards women looking for affordable luxury that combines sobriety with the surprise of details.

SCUSI supports sustainability through the ‘‘Slow Fashion’’ philosophy by creating timeless pieces that from research to the study of materials and fabrics and the creation of prototypes are designed to be long lasting and environmentally friendly.

Determined to conquer the international market, SCUSI has been consolidating annual growth, reinforcing its ‘’Made in Portugal’’ image. The development of the brand allowed the expansion through a network of national and international agents reaching an increasing number of customers currently in 10 countries. Launching 2 extensive annual collections (autumn/winter and spring/summer) with more than 200 pieces each, SCUSI presents clothes to wear at any time of day, place / context and for all ages.