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On trend colours available from Pongees to meet demand for last minute autumn/winter collections

Shades that fit into the top colour stories for autumn/winter are being promoted by silk specialists Pongees to meet immediate demand from designers looking to place last minute orders.

Pongees holds thousands of fabrics in stock and has a 1 metre minimum; it can also supply European buyers with fabrics within a few days, without any additional import charges, just as it did pre Brexit.

The colour stories being promoted, predicted by global consumer and design trend and colour authorities WGSN and Coloro are: Intense Rust, Midnight Plum, Sustained Grey, Cool Matcha and Apricot Crush.

“Two years ago, these shades were selected to reflect stability and reassurance that connect with nature, as well as escapism and sustainability.  Today they are even more appropriate given how cautious consumers are about the future,” says Nick Moore, managing director, Pongees.

“With our huge colour palette, Pongees not only offers the top shades for autumn/winter but also those being tipped for spring 2025 collections.

“Silk is also in vogue, as from an environmentally-friendly perspective it comes from a natural source, is biodegrabable and has a low environmental impact.”

Many of Pongees silks are woven from silkworms, whose exclusive diet is the mulberry leaf; its plain dyed fabrics meet OEKO-TEX standards.

Pongees’ natural (greige) options are an ideal base for designers to personalise with bespoke prints and dyes to enhance exclusivity.


Captions to Pongees versions of the five key shade themes: from left to right:

Cool Matcha – calm, soothing, natural, tinted pastels

Marocain – Moss 440D/0187

Spun Sandwashed – Nettle 233DS/0194

Stretch Satin – Leaf 831D/0162

Sustained Grey -neutral, recyclability, practical, reliable, utilitarian

Indian Douppion – Moonlight 745/0186

Chiffon Satin – Steel 640D/0275

Tulle Spot – Slate 930/0269

Intense Rust – raw, earthy, warm, calming

Mohair – Terracotta MOH/0289

Velvet Viscose/silk– Burnt Orange 727W/0048

Tasar – Terracotta 738/0289

Midnight Plum – think dark skies, gothic for a touch of escapism

Countess Taffeta – Bilberry 103/0031

Metallic Chiffon – Black 662D/0002

Heavy Satin – Violet 441D/0296

Apricot Crush – bright, vitamin tones, oranges

Habotai – Tangiers 506D/0285

French Organza – Vanilla 525F/0293

Chiffon Changeant – Peach 630D/0211


July 2024


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