Milhas Dinâmicas, Lda

Garment Makers and Fashion Accessories - Adult

Stand: C248
  • Diana Rodrigues
  • Rua do Outeiro, Lote 6
  • 4475-150 Maia
  • Portugal

We are a company taht, since its founding in 1985, has dedicated itself to producing shirts with the highest standards, both in terms of raw materials and the finishing quality of their manufacturing. Aimed at a medium-high segment, we immediately became a reference in the textile sector at a national level.

Our products
  • Knitted or Crocheted Clothing
    • Poloshirts, Sweatshirts or T-shirts
    • Shirts and Blouses
  • Not Knitted or Crocheted Clothing
    • Flannel Shirts
    • Pyjamas
    • Shirts
  • Private Label