Marita Moreno I Between Parallels

Garment Makers and Fashion Accessories - Adult

  • Pedro Marinho
  • Av. das Cruzes Nº630
  • 4535-011 Lourosa
  • Portugal

Marita Moreno is a Portuguese brand of fashion accessories created with a unique and ethical perspective, in which the history of the products is fundamental for its definition as a “slow fashion” brand. Our products use local and national endogenous resources, artisanal and industrial. We are constantly in search of how to create and produce design objects with history that are used in everyday life. Ethics, transparency in production and social responsibility have always been intrinsic values to the brand.

We care about the creative process and our models are made to last. We use quality materials based on the principles of sustainability when producing our products for greater durability of the items and we add a timeless design that avoids fashion trends which would imply shorter life cycles to the products.

Our products
  • Acessories
  • Fashion Accessories
    • Bags
    • Shoes
  • Private Label

“Sustainable fashion is much more than the use of sustainable materials – it is a set of factors that together allow us to affirm that our brand is sustainable.” Marita Setas Ferro, CEO and Creative Director