Bloomati by Carvema Têxtil

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Fabrics and Accessories

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  • Alice Sampaio
  • Rua António Carvalho, 2
  • 4750-6255 Perelhal
  • Portugal

Bloomati was developed because we understood the importance and the need to create a sustainable product and presents a collection marked by sustainable,organic and recycled knitting products.

We bet on an eco-friendly product, optimizing the use of organic and recycled fibers, in order to design a fully sustainable and environmentally friendly product.
Our ecological approach is present throughout the entire manufacturing process, combining natural fibers with a full eco-friendly process of dying and finishing, originating a sustainable product that minimizes the environmental impact and helps preserve the planet.

Our products
  • Knit Fabrics by Destination
    • Outwear
    • Sportwear
    • Underwear
  • Knitted Fabrics
    • American Knitted Pile
    • Hnitted Pile
    • Interlock
    • Italian Knitted Pile
    • Jacquard
    • Jersey
    • Rib
    • Single

“Sustainability, innovation and the quality of our products represent our DNA.”
CEO, José Carvalho