RDD optimistic with the presence of various nationalities

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The first day of MODTISSIMO had the presence of several nationalities that made themselves heard throughout the corridors of the event, thus meeting one of the strongest expectations of the Portuguese textile cluster. And RDD Textiles confirms this: “There are no longer just Portuguese and Spanish”.

According to Ana Tavares, CEO, “There is a greater diversity of countries visiting the fair”. “Our expectations for the February fairs were not very high”, confessed the CEO, who acknowledged on the other hand that “the February editions were considerably better than the September ones. In this edition, there is a greater movement than in previous editions. And effectively, a greater focus on international customers.”

“Furthermore, we don’t want to miss out on coming to a fair in Portugal. All companies talk a lot about Portugal as a strong textile cluster. It would almost be hypocrisy not to be present at Portuguese events. It is part of our role as a Portuguese textile company to strengthen the movements that Portugal is making towards internationalization”.

The Barcelos company, a specialist in sustainable textiles, focuses on alternative materials and processes. For this edition, Ana Tavares explained the new features they are presenting: “We have two new focuses. One is an item made from 100% recycled cotton yarn, one of which was nominated for the iTechstyle Award. And the other are articles with a pre-treatment that does not consume water”.

Following the evolution of the fair over the years, Ana Tavares declared that “today we look at MODTISSIMO more as a fair and less as just an event. You can notice the growing internationalization of the fair, all it takes is one person to walk through the corridors. In addition, we also have foreign clients who ask us if we are going to MODTISSIMO, meaning they know what MODTISSIMO is. And that didn’t happen seven years ago”.

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