NGS Malhas satisfied with the movement

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NGS Malhas decided to be present at MODTISSIMO to demonstrate its work, and the feedback is positive. “We had a good turnout, we had a lot of movement, and we hope that today remains like yesterday, but we also accept it is even better”, said Sofia Pereira, commercial.

Debuting in the September edition, the Barcelos company revealed its remarkable investment in wools, silks, and cashmere: “which is something in which we are quite specialized, and we have a wide range of offers. And we wanted to show this new collection that goes very much in that direction of promoting noble fibers and what we are currently doing well”.

According to Sofia Pereira, customers are increasingly looking for wool, and the reception has been good: “They like the knits, they think the knits have a good touch and good appearance, they are happy with the type of items we have on display”.

The investment in this type of materials has been going on since the beginning of NGS Malhas, which already has 25 years of history and will always be “invested in, but this year we are investing even more, also in the more sustainable aspect with fibers that are nowadays most sought after and with different mixes, which is also what customers are looking for beyond the basics.”

At their stand, they received a lot of German customers, but also Portuguese customers “who come through clothing fabrics”, but the commercial was clear: “I noticed that this year, the German market is strong”.

A recent presence at MODTISSIMO, but a regular presence at international fairs, NGS hopes to continue regularly at the national fair “not only because the international market is present, but also because we have another visibility in the national market and that is important”.

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