In transition was the theme of the Trends, Fabrics and Colors Forum

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Regeneration, Blossoming, Hybridization, and Synaesthesia were the four anchors of the edition of the Forum of Tecidos, Tendências e Cores, located in the central atrium of MODTISSIMO 60+3. Inspired by Eastern philosophy, the forum conveyed “balance, lightness, and tranquility” as a counterpoint to the global crisis.

“In some way, the forum reflects what is happening with crises in various areas, from wars to financial and political instability. Therefore, we wanted to create a forum that conveys the lightness and tranquility that people need”, said Dolores Gouveia, curator of the three forums promoted by Associação Selectiva Moda and presented in the latest edition of MODTISSIMO.

Regarding the chosen colors – white and pastel tones – Dolores explained that “they convey the tranquility that we all need”, in line with the choice of the minimalist style.

With a strong inspiration in oriental philosophy – with emphasis on bonsai or origami flowers – the Trends, Fabrics, and Colors Forum featured hundreds of national proposals, with emphasis on trends both “for circular knits with merino wool blends”, or for “the proposals with circulose, a non-natural fiber that incorporates textile waste into itself”, said curator Dolores Gouveia.

In addition to the Trends Forum, this edition of MODTISSIMO features the Exhibitor Collection Forum – “a showcase” of exhibitors’ products, described by Dolores Gouveia – and the Sustainable Future Forum. In the latter, the curator chose four themes – “textile-to-textile recycling, alternative natural fibers and regenerative cultures, new generation non-natural fibers, and reduced impact finishes” – as the major trends that will mark the future.

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