Grupo Latino satisfied with the flow of visitors to the stand

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Latino is pleased with the return to national textile fairs. “In two hours at MODTISSIMO, we served more people than in a whole day at other foreign fairs”, said Elias Vilela, market manager, to T Jornal. “The feedback is that the fair has evolved. We receive more international buyers than national ones”.

They essentially came from France, Spain, the United Kingdom, and Germany, added the person in charge, excited for the second day. The group exhibited urban wear, military, forestry, and work clothing. “As it is a clothing fair, we brought a little of everything we do. The most demand is technical clothing, waterproof products, and products with heat-sealed seams”, described.

At the entrance, a mannequin exhibited the company’s potential in the R&D area. “We are exhibiting one of our several sensorization projects. We have developed a human and environmental monitoring system integrated into firefighters’ uniforms for greater occupational safety”, introduced. The project has a partnership with INESC and the University of Aveiro, with a completion date scheduled for 2025.

The idea aroused the interest of German customers during the fair, who want to extend the application to other high-risk jobs: “The sensors can be applied to other types of uniforms, like mine workers, what they measure is, among other parameters, heart rate, blood pressure, location in case of a fall”.

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