“Edition 60+3 came to confirm the success of Modtissimo”

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“The 60+3 edition confirmed the success of MODTISSIMO in terms of visitors – regarding exhibitors, we already knew the success. I am convinced that MODTISSIMO served to confirm the good indicators achieved with previous fairs, Première Vision Paris and Milano Unica – even if a deeper analysis will have to happen”, the ATP president told T Jornal.

For Mário Jorge Machado, “Those exhibitors with whom I had the opportunity to speak told me that the fair was going very well”. In this context, “the indicators we have at the moment indicate a slight improvement” in terms of the business environment for 2024. “It will be a difficult year, but better than 2023”. In any case, “it will be a year of a lot of investment from the commercial teams, a lot of investment from the innovation teams so that we can continue to gain market share”, concluded.

Among the exhibitors, and in general, expectations were good. The balance of what is the largest textile show in the Iberian Peninsula did not disappoint either the exhibitors or the buyers who joined the event: busy corridors, business to develop within the stands, and a great desire to raise the quality of the national cluster marks the 60+3 edition of MODTISSIMO.

With a wide range of international buyers visiting the event – ​​from customers from the Netherlands, Switzerland, Spain, Poland, the United Kingdom, Austria, Ireland, and Germany to nationalities as far away as Japan or the United States of America – MODTISSIMO brought results in the area of manufacturing.

An example of this is the good contacts developed within the Brandbias stand. “Only in the first hour of the event on Wednesday I received an interesting German and another Austrian client”, said Gonçalo Serra, CEO of Brandbias, with satisfaction.

Somelos had two days of non-stop work and welcoming visitors. “Yesterday, they didn’t even have time for lunch, such was the turnout”, reported Paulo Melo, CEO of Somelos. The same happened at the Troficolor stand with a huge turnout throughout the event: “This edition went very positively”, said Carlos Serra, CEO of Troficolor.

The proud person is Nuno Almeida, product manager at Idepa, for whom “it is a pride to be part of this fair that is ours, and for that reason, it is unique and has enormous value”. Compared to previous editions, the product manager of Idepa also praises “the significant increase in visitors” to the last editions of the national textile show.

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