ASM and CITEVE support companies in Techtextil and Texprocess

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Associação Selectiva Moda (ASM) and CITEVE support the presence of Portuguese companies at Texprocess and Techtextil – under the responsibility of Messe Frankfurt – and for the next edition, there is already a notable contingent: five companies in the first and 23 in the second of the two actions of the Germanic organization.

The national presence – which Messe Frankfurt wants to see expanded – was identified by Olaf Schmidt, vice president and director for textile fairs at the giant German fair organizer, as an excellent indicator. Schmidt was at MODTISSIMO last Wednesday (21) to promote a meeting with the national textile cluster in which he explained the main interests of participating in the two fairs organized in parallel.

One of the most important indicators is regarding the regular presence of foreign buyers: 66% at Techtextil and 69% at Texprocess – according to data from the most recent event, held two years ago.

The vice-president of Messe Frankfurt also explained the operation of the Econogy project (a combination of the words Economy and Ecology), which aims to identify companies aligned with the best industrial practices in energy consumption. It is a project that covers all Messe fairs, which, according to those responsible for the German organization, already have the presence of national companies. “It is clearly a differentiating factor for companies”, which ends up serving as certification of good practices”, Messe Frankfurt representative in Portugal, Cristina Motta, told T Jornal.


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