João & Feliciano chooses MODTISSIMO on their return to fairs

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After a pandemic season and the absence of competitions, João & Feliciano chose MODTISSIMO as the stage for its return: “well, nothing better than doing it in our own country, where in addition to national clients we can also have contact of new foreign clients through the invited delegation”, highlighted Elisabete Pereira.

The International Sales Manager of João & Feliciano also added to T Jornal that, given the current market situation, expectations are not high, “however, we want to assert our presence and above all make new contacts, so that we can then work with the customer and thus develop new business opportunities”.

Part of these opportunities also comes from the growing internationalization of MODTISSIMO, “captivating more attention from foreign buyers and creating some expectations”. In this sense, Elisabete Pereira does not fail to recognize the recognition of Portugal as a very historic country in the textile sector, being “known internationally, either through large companies or through the internationalization of our companies, also participating in other international competitions and thus giving learn about our know-how.”

Considering fairs as a meeting point for customers and also for new contacts, João & Feliciano continue to focus on developing new qualities “to keep up with the evolution of the demands of different markets and, at a time when the theme is sustainability, we are also working in this direction with organic fabrics, such as hemp, among others”.

Achieving a turnover of around 15 million euros in 2023, the plans of the company for 2024 include ensuring maximum customer loyalty, “so that we can maintain our turnover. At the same time, we also want to expand our business volume, which is why we are constantly looking for new customers and markets”, concluded.

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