Lunefe looking for the german and dutch markets in the Modtissimo

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Having been on the market for 25 years, Lunefe chose the 60+3 edition of MODTISSIMO to debut at the event. “Expectations are high, as we believe that great opportunities could arise in the German and Dutch markets, with which we hope to establish contacts,” Eduardo Silva, creative director, told T Jornal.

With all production destined for international markets, “namely Spain, France, Germany, Denmark, the United States of America and Canada”, Lunefe sees the growing internationalization of MODTISSIMO as one of the factors that led the company to choose to be present.

“This presence aligns with the strategy we intend in our company”, revealed Eduardo Silva, adding the goal of Lunefe is to “attract stable and lasting relationships with new customers and new markets”.

As a completely vertical company, it will present a vast portfolio of products for men, women, and children. Characterizing itself as specialized in cutting and sewing, the company based in Guimarães “provides its customers with a complete service, from development and IDT (digital and conventional printing) to production and distribution”.

These factors, and the technological level, organizational and logistical capacity, and know-how, “allows us to be a company at the forefront of the men’s underwear fashion industry”, emphasized the maker and creative director.


Partners of some of the biggest names linked to the fashion sector, such as Aime Leon Dore, Val Kristopher, Legend London, Lyle Scott, or Tiger of Sweden, Lunefe goes to MODTISSIMO “to present what it does best: we are a reference in the sector for excellent quality, responsiveness and follow-up customer service.”


Font: T Jornal

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