Lofer: Modtissimo opens the door to internationalization

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At the September edition of MODTISSIMO, with a shared stand, Confeções Lofer had its first contact with the outside world: Italy, Sweden, and Finland, and the result bore fruit. With the focus on expanding into the foreign market, the company returned for the 60+3 edition, debuting at its own stand with the focus of expanding into the foreign market.

“If the dynamics of this edition are similar to September”, said Susana Lopes, Lofer representative to T Jornal, the bet will be worth it. Having been on the market for 34 years, Confeções Lofer has grown organically and started its own brand. However, in 2016, it also began to sell through private labels. They are an SME with 20 workers, and the national market represents 80% of sales, which, according to Susana Lopes, is currently “at a standstill”.

Focused on combating this situation, Lofer wants to grow through exports. Therefore, for this edition of MODTISSIMO, the strategy involves “acquiring new customers, listening to the customers that will appear at our stand, and understanding what the external customer wants”, explained. The specialty of the company is outdoor wear, essentially coats, jeans, jackets, and anoraks, basically outdoor clothing, and at the stand, they will present: “What we know how to do best, which in this case are twills, denim, and knits”. “Our interest is to attract customers for denim and twill”, added Susana Lopes.

When it comes to sustainability, there is always a concern “adapted to the reality of our country. We always try to cause the least possible impact on the environment within what is real and feasible”. Proof of this was the recent investment in several solar panels and the diesel steam line change to electrical energy.

As for plans for the future, Confeções Lofer focuses on moving towards exports and expanding in the private label, that is, “putting aside our own brand for a bit, without leaving our customers in the lurch, so that the company can grow and not regress” concluded Susana Lopes.


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