Bloomati brings new sustainable knits to Modtissimo 60+3

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At Bloomati, we strive for environmental responsibility and the delivery of impeccable quality knitwear. Since 2017, with Carvema as our backbone, we have explored the potential of traditional fibers at our facilities in Barcelos, such as organic cotton and recycled polyester, and delicate compositions, namely polyamides and regenerative cellulose fibers.

More recently, we made fruit our raw material and started to include pineapple and orange in the compositions. We also take advantage of the potential of hemp. Some of our most notable knitwear has organic cotton and hemp in its composition. The plant is known for its low environmental impact, high resistance to colors and UV rays, and remarkable durability compared to cotton.

We also highlight that all of our knits can feature premium finishes, perfectly aligned with the features the customer intends to give to the final piece. Easy Wear, Slim Care, Bugs Free, Be Fresh, and Young Skin are a tiny part of our capacity in this area. The P+ Emotions treatment, for example, has natural ceramic and harnesses the power of negative ions to combat stress and tiredness.

We are, therefore, guided by a careful selection of raw materials and finishes, which we want you to see up close at the textile fairs, including at Modtissimo 60+3, the oldest textile show in the Iberian Peninsula. We are the ideal partner to embrace your brand’s commitment to the planet!

Visit our stand on the 21st and 22nd at Exponor and our website.

Find out about our certifications, sustainability policies, and all our references in the Online Store!
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