Homewear trend pushes Iora Lingerie forward

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If there is one thing that the year 2020 taught Iora Lingerie it that it is possible to find a good side in all bad situations. In the case of the company that specializes in pajamas and underwear for women, the silver lining was the growth in the homewear trend, which prevented the company’s sales from plummeting.

“With everybody confined at home, there was an increase in demand for more comfortable clothes, which are normally used at home, such as pajamas and robes. There was a huge investment in these products because they started to be used more, replacing the pieces that we normally use to go to work and to go out”, reveals Cristina Flores, general director of Iora Lingerie.

It was this change in the consumption trend that allowed the company to continue selling, despite the 7% drop in turnover when compared to 2019. “We thought it would be worse because with all the stores closed it was impossible for sales to remain the same as in previous years”, she explains.

However, the loyal customers that the brand has in Mexico, Kuwait and the United States, together with the growth of the homewear trend, were enough to hold the company together in one of the most complicated years in the history of the Portuguese textile sector. “The El Corte Inglés, which is one of our clients, had one of the best years ever regarding the sale of our products”, exemplifies the general director.

Now, “with everything still very uncertain”, confesses Cristina Flores, adapting to the new reality is the motto of the company, which is currently using all the resources available to present its Autumn Winter 21/ 22 Collection.

“We make video-calls, send catalogues, everything we can to reach our customers. And that is what we intend to do also in the next MODTISSIMO, which for us is an essential trade show. It is where we showcase our brand, it is mandatory to be present, even because it is the only Portuguese fair devoted to the textile sector ”, adds the general director.

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