Drirelease Naia, the novelty that LMA will debut at MODTISSIMO

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After participating in Première Vision’s digital version, LMA sees the next edition of MODTISSIMO as an enriching experience, even if this time it is not possible to meet in person. The company devoted to the production of technical fabrics is preparing for this special edition (which will be held from March 10th to 12th) in the same way as always, and will use the event to debut the Drirelease fabrics, in partnership with Naia.

In this digital edition, LMA will highlight a new catalog, with biodegradable polyester meshes and the new drirealease meshes, which combine polyester and Naia, an eco-friendly natural fibre obtained from pine and eucalyptus cellulose. “It is extremely sustainable because it consumes very little water in the production process, and comes from forests that are managed according to the rules of non-deforestation”, explains Luis Dias, LMA commercial director. Due to the features of this new fabric – quick drying, anti-odor and soft touch – LMA thinks they are perfect for the casual and confortable wear sectors.

“Online fairs are also an enriching experience. We are learning how to talk to customers through new platforms, which will be useful in the future”, recalls Luís Dias, the company’s commercial manager, explaining that the company is preparing for this edition of MODTISSIMO in the same way as it always does. “We have a person in charge of online contact, ready to meet through video-conference, and who is forwarding samples. We are also acting proactively in organizing meetings with customers we already know”.

For the commercial manager of the company, the main requirement in terms of online fairs is the possibility to talk to costumers through conference calls – a tool that will be available on the MODTISSIMO marketplace. “At PV, we didn’t have that feature, and it will make all the difference. Nothing replaces the touch and the face-to-face events, but it’s still possible to have a conversation in which people explain what they are looking for”, he recalls.

“An email exchange is replaced by a video conference, and, sometimes, three countries are present in the same call. It makes processes more fluid”, he explains.

About the Portuguese textile salon, which is the oldest textile event in the entire Iberian Peninsula, participation is mandatory. “Any Portuguese company has to consider it important. We have already done very good deals at MODTISSIMO”, reveals Luís Sousa Dias.

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