João Pereira Guimarães has high hopes for Modtissimo

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Came to the last edition of the Portuguese textile show with the goal of “showing that it´s alive and kicking”. In September, João Pereira Guimarães will again mark its presence at Modtissimo, where it expects to feel “a breath of fresh air”.

“We hope that September will serve as an awakening for the textile industry” says Carolina Guimarães, administrator of the company founded by her grandfather in 1956 and which she took over about two years ago.

“Sales are important, of course. However, the business is not just about orders. It is important to motivate the teams, to establish contacts, and to know how customers react to our articles. Modtissimo is the breath of fresh air that we all need”, stands Carolina Guimarães, regarding the Covid-19 pandemic, which left João Pereira Guimarães, like many other companies in the sector, “with its head barely above water”.

For that reason, the administrator is motivated by yet another edition of the Portuguese textile salon, where it will present several solutions for mesh nets, the company’s specialty for over 60 years.

In addition to the traditional ketten mesh in artificial fibres, the company is now working on solutions for functional textiles and athleisure. “Nowadays the mesh nets are not only used for interiors, as they used to be. There are countless possibilities and, naturally, we are here to bring them to life”, states the young administrator.

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