For Envicorte, Modtissimo is “the best bet ever”

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Tradition is very important for Envicorte, which after participating in several editions of Modtissimo, safely states that the Portuguese textile show is the company’s “best bet”. In September, the company will be back at Alfândega do Porto for yet another edition.

“We participate in this fair for many years now, and I have no doubt that it was the best bet we have ever made,” says António Carneiro, Envicorte’s manager, who will return to Modtissimo bringing pleats and social masks.

“Last year we bet on pleats and had an incredible response. For this edition, we reinforced that collection and will also present social masks, after making an investment in machinery that allows us to produce large quantities”, reveals Envicorte’s manager, who is confident about the safety measures to be adopted at Modtissimo, which will take place in September.

Despite having participated in international fairs such as PV Paris and attaining “interesting results”, Modtissimo continues to be the trade show where Envicorte closes more deals and establishes more partnerships. For the company, the September edition may even benefit from the fact that it is a small fair, when compared to the international competition.

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