RDD bets on Modtissimo, Milano Unica and PV Paris

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Registered since hour zero in Modtissimo’s next edition, RDD is also betting on Milano Unica and Première Vision Paris for the trade shows relaunch, taking place in September. “Our expectations are at the highest,” says Dolores Gouveia, Designer & Marketing Manager of the company, convinced that the Porto fair can benefit from being one of the first post-pandemic trade shows.

“I believe that Modtissimo can only gain from the moment we are living. It has the right size, it will respect all the security measures, and the Covid-19 situation is under control in Porto. These factors will certainly make buyers feel safe”, stands Dolores Gouveia.

In addition to the bet on the Portuguese market, the company will also participate in Milano Unica and PV Paris, taking place at the beginning and in mid-September. “We are going to present our newest collection at Milano Unica, taking place on September 8th and 9th. Last year we started to develop a textile wellness line, which this year is reinforced both in terms of fibres, as well as in the finishes developed from bio-based materials”, explained the Designer & Marketing Manager.

“Coexist”, RDD’s new collection, which emerges from the balance between “man, nature and sustainable technologies”, as described by Dolores Gouveia, will then travel to Paris, for PV (September 15th and 16th), and finally to Alfândega do Porto, where the next edition of Modtissimo will take place (September 23rd and 24th).

The Valerius group company will adopt an internal contingency plan that, among other measures, foresees “an increase in the commercial stand’s square meters, the creation of an internal circuit for people to move around, and the scheduling of meetings, both prior or on-site”, reveals RDD’s Design & Marketing Manager.

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