Möm(e) plants both feet in Modtissimo

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The presence in the next edition of Modtissimo is essential, according to the brand Möm(e), both due to the opportunity of establishing contact with customers, but also in terms of the production chain. The children’s fashion brand even says that the trade show is a “mandatory presence for all Portuguese brands”.

“In addition to not being able to miss the opportunity to be with buyers, Modtissimo is also very interesting from the production chain point of view. I always establish contact near suppliers, and in the last edition I even attracted several clients for other brands”, says Inês Camaño Garcia, the brand’s mentor and designer.

Participating in Modtissimo for the fourth consecutive time, Inês also argues that the fact that the fair takes place at the end of September gives “a very comfortable margin” to brands that, as a result of Covid-19, have their collections delayed.

“I already have all the knits finished, but the rest of the collection that will be presented for the first time at Modtissimo is still unfinished”.

Also present in PlayTime Paris, but in this case digitally, Ines stated that she has both of her feet firmly planted on Modtissimo. “I fully trust Associação Selectiva Moda’s team, and I am sure that they will guarantee all safety conditions, just as I will also take the necessary precautions”, assures the brand manager.

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